White supremacist, facing murder charge, demands Cocoa Puffs

Holly Grigsby claims constitutional right to jail canteen



EVERETT — Lawyers are arguing whether a woman charged with aggravated murder should have access to Cocoa Puffs and other snacks while awaiting trial in the county jail in Everett.

A two-hour hearing was held Monday in Snohomish County Superior Court on motions filed by lawyers for white supremacists Holly Grigsby and David “Joey” Pedersen.

They are denied access to the jail commissary — and treats like Cocoa Puffs and candy bars — because of the serious charges against them in a possible death penalty case.

The Daily Herald reported that defense attorney Pete Mazzone argued that it’s against Grigsby’s constitutional rights to deny her access to the commissary.

Grigsby and Pedersen have pleaded not guilty in the Everett deaths last September of Pedersen’s father and stepmother. Pedersen and Grigsby are also accused of killing Cody Myers in Western Oregon and Reginald Clark near Eureka, Calif., in early October.