Cedars neighborhood hit by mail thefts



Brush Prairie — “Residents of The Cedars neighborhood in Brush Prairie have recently experienced a rash of thefts from street level mailboxes,” warns resident Ed Delph.

The incidents have been reported to the sheriff’s office, Delph said, but deputies advise that such occurrences are “not unusual, and very difficult to solve, as the thieves typically strike in one neighborhood and then move on to a new target of opportunity.”

Meanwhile, he said, folks have been gathering up stolen mail that was dumped on local streets. It’s hard to know whether personal identity information has been stolen, he said, but it’s interesting to note that one resident’s non-narcotic medications, mailed to him by the Veterans Administration, was opened, examined and dumped.

The Cedars neighborhood is a small, isolated network of streets east of Northeast 152nd Avenue, on and around Northeast 181st, just south-southeast of Battle Ground.