Hazel Dell couple finds debris from Japan tsunami on beach



Northeast Hazel Dell — Kyle Stevens, a project estimator at the Concrete Shop on Northeast 99th Street, spent a recent weekend with his wife in Cannon Beach, Ore. Before they left, they read that the flow of debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami is crossing the Pacific Ocean and arriving on the West Coast.

“While walking our dog by Haystack Rock, we notice large amounts of plastic debris … littered along the high-tide mark,” Stevens wrote.

The couple started combing for evidence of Japanese origin. Among the treasures they discovered were a Hello Kitty plastic clip and a bottle cap with Japanese writing on it.

Japanese friends confirmed that writing says “Do Not Eat” and “Cockroaches” — leaving little doubt it is the top of a bottle of insecticide. Stevens said he and his wife sent these wonderful keepsakes straight to the trash.