Margins widen for Clark County levies, bond




The margins by which Clark County’s school district levies and a bond passed grew wider Wednesday, the county’s elections department reported.

The five levies on the county’s ballot each received more than the 50 percent necessary for passage. The Ridgefield school bond eclipsed the 60-percent plateau it needed for passage.

Here are the most recent numbers:

Evergreen Public Schools operating levy: 14,458 “yes” votes, or 57.52 percent; 10,679 “no” votes, or 42.48 percent.

Green Mountain School District operating levy: 180 “yes” votes, or 72 percent; 70 “no” votes, or 28 percent.

Hockinson School District operating levy: 1,610 “yes” votes, or 61.88 percent; 992 “no” votes, or 38.12 percent.

Hockinson School District technology and school improvements levy: 1,583 “yes” votes, or 61.03 percent; 1,011 “no” votes, or 38.97 percent.

Ridgefield School District bond: 3,089 “yes” votes, or 65.40 percent; 1,634 “no” votes, or 34.60 percent.

Woodland Public Schools levy: 1,346 “yes” votes, or 58.25 percent; 965 “no” votes, or 41.75 percent.

Woodland’s numbers include votes from Clark and Cowlitz counties. Cowlitz county’s voting results were not updated as of 2 p.m. Wednesday.

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