Talking Points: No one can stop the Spider




UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva appears to be unbeatable after a record nine successful title defenses.

What human being could possibly stop “The Spider”?

“My sons beat me all the time,” Silva said.

What? In what alternate universe is Silva beaten by his sons on a regular basis? It turns out the only universe where it is possible to defeat Silva at this stage of his career is in a virtual one.

That’s right, “UFC Undisputed 3” is finally in stores and available on Xbox and PlayStation 3. Silva’s mug is on the cover of the game, but his sons own him on Xbox.

“I’m very, very happy how it turned out,” Silva said. “I’m excited for the people who are into the games. I’m very, very happy.”

— The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, Calif.)


It only seems fair.

Human Rights Watch has called on the International Olympic Committee to require that Saudi Arabia’s participation in Olympic sporting events, including the upcoming London Games, be contingent upon the Arab country allowing girls and women to play competitive sports.

Human Rights Watch issued a report Wednesday saying that Saudi Arabia is violating the IOC charter’s pledge of equality. The country has never sent a woman to compete in the Olympics.