Letter: Change presidential election plan



The present system for selecting candidates for president of the United States is a farce. Many voters know little about the candidates and the parties, and therefore rely on others rather than researching the information themselves. With numerous primary and/or caucuses spread over several weeks, many of these uninformed voters merely follow the lead of others. Therefore, change is needed to assure the candidate and/or party receive equality in the voting process. The following procedure should be established:

  1. The second Tuesday of February shall open registration to potential candidates with the federal elections commission. Registration shall close the second Tuesday of April.

  2. Registered candidates start campaigning, through primary and/or caucuses, starting the second Tuesday of April and through the Fourth of July.

  3. On the second Tuesday of July, all states shall vote for each party’s candidate to run in the general election.

  4. Each party’s elected candidate and the top party members of both House and Senate shall select their vice presidential running mate. General election campaigning starts up to the election.

  5. No results from any local precincts shall be released until after the closing of polls in Hawaii.

John A. Nyberg