STEM magnet to be named ‘iTech Preparatory’



The new Vancouver magnet school that will focus on science, technology, engineering and math now has a name — Vancouver iTech Preparatory.

The Vancouver school board gave the school its official name this week. The school is scheduled to open in September provided state school funding doesn’t get cut too much.

Students will perform hands-on activities in technology-rich classrooms at the new magnet. Students will have the chance to earn up to one year of college-level credits while in high school.

During the startup year, plans call for Vancouver iTech Preparatory to operate at two sites. The high school program will be in the Clark College building on the Washington State University Vancouver campus and the middle school program will be in the Jim Parsley Center.

The school ultimately will serve students in grades 6-12. In the initial year, the school will enroll a limited number of students in grades 6 and 7 for the middle school years, and in grades 9 and 10 for the high school.

More than 1,800 people have attended informational events about the new magnet school and more than 650 students applied for admission. Students will be admitted through a lottery that ensures representation from all zip codes within the district.

For more information go to Vancouver Public Schools.