Letter: Hypocrisy builds



With all the recent saber-rattling concerning Iran by the Republican candidates, I find it mind-numbing that we now learn Israel has been teaming with an Iranian terrorist organization recognized by the U.S. for killing American servicemen and contractors in the 1970s before the religious uprising that uprooted the Shah. The hypocrisy of this situation, if not unlawful, well, should be.

I am sure the Republicans will all attack President Obama for knowingly allowing this to happen, being that we are in a “war on terror,” but, to me, this has the smell of Dick Cheney all over it, if in fact it didn’t begin with George H.W. Bush.

If America will mislead its people into a war in Iraq with part of the precedent being that Saddam Hussein worked with al-Qaida , what pray tell should we do with the knowledge that Israel is working with the People’s Mujahedin of Iran?

If hypocrisy were leaves off a tree, America would be up to its proverbial neck.

Scott White