Letter: Legislators wasting valuable time



Washington state has a severe budget problem, poor residents do not have medical care, the schools are in economic stress and then Gov. Chris Gregoire and state legislators wasted valuable time on homosexual marriage. We must find a way to get the attention of the state government to do its proper job. All residents, homosexual and heterosexual, should be angry at the waste of the limited time there is to find solutions to the real problems in Washington state.

Ramming this “law” of same-sex marriage through without a vote of the people proves elected officials will only do what will get press and not what is best for the state. I and others are offended the government wasted time on an unimportant law at the risk of failure to solve the real problems to the state. So when the poor die due to no medical care and schools cut staff for lack of funding, remember the “right” for homosexuals to marry was of more importance.

Ray Mongrain