Letter: Obama’s views are flawed



President Obama doesn’t know what unalienable rights are. The reason I know this is because he doesn’t know what American exceptionalism is. In other words, he doesn’t think like an American. He doesn’t know what the American character is and what it consists of. He would liken America to all other countries with the equality of “moral equivalence.”

Obama would have us be like all other countries that do not have unalienable rights at the core of their foundations and constitutions. No other country but America has as the foundation for their freedom, their liberty, and Constitution, the existence of unalienable rights. That is the basis for American exceptionalism beyond all other nations in the entire history of planet Earth. That is the reason we are the richest nation on Earth for earned wealth since the beginning of time. Obama seems to be ignorant of this fact. Because of this, he doesn’t deserve the presidency of the United States.

Robert Birk