Talking Points: Pros acting like kids, vice versa



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Take a guess which one of these real scenarios involves a kids team and the other a professional team:

1) A player from a soccer team gives away his jersey to an opposing player only for another player to take the jersey for himself, leading to a predictable squabble.

2) A player scores his 200th goal, requests the puck, puck is thrown back into play, player gets upset and eventually lawyers are involved.

If you guessed No. 1 as being the pro team, and No. 2 as being the youth team, you’d be correct.

No. 1 involved German soccer club Bayer Leverkusen and two defenders squabbling over ownership of a Lionel Messi shirt that Messi gave to one of the BL players at halftime of a game. The BL sporting director had to get involved, saying the jersey will be auctioned for charity.

No. 2 involved a 9-year-old youth hockey player, the team’s coach and the players’ parents. Enough said.

Just goes to show situations like these can happen at any age.


Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter, who died Thursday of brain cancer at the age of 57, has been remembered for a lot of good things.

We’d like to recall a great play from the 1979 All-Star Game at the Kingdome. Dave Parker made a great throw from right field to Carter, who tagged out Brian Downing at the plate. It turned the game around for the National League and Parker was voted MVP.

Click here to see the video of the play on YouTube


It’s not Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl, but one of the cooler National Anthem performances was seen Thursday at the WIAA state swimming and diving championships in Federal Way.

All you need to know: Jesse Dehnert of Kentwood High School, violin, 10-meter platform.


Video is on YouTube:

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