Letter: Let the people vote on light rail



There are a number of reasons we should be allowed to vote on light rail.

  1. We voted it down in the past and the “smart” politicians think they know better for us.

  2. The cost difference for light rail vs. bus transport is huge.

  3. Vancouver is developing a great downtown; let’s not destroy it.

If you think you want light rail, go to downtown Portland and see what a mess has developed around light rail and the mass transit and the bus-only lanes. If that doesn’t convince you, then go east of Multnomah County and look at the light rail development. Lots of new, tacky apartments, lots of crime and TriMet saying they are soon going to get control of crime on and around light rail. TriMet just needs a bit more money.

As a retired police officer from Multnomah County, I can tell you that light rail is not the answer we need.

Chris Peterson