Letter: Romney understands the poor



Mark Twain humorously observed, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read it, you are misinformed.” As I read columnist Ann McFeatters Feb. 12 op-ed, “Mitt can’t bridge the gaffe,” I think how misinformed readers are as his words are taken out of context. For instance when Mitt Romney said “I am not concerned about the very poor,” he reassured them that with his “raise all boats” policies their plight will improve, along with all Americans, who are suffering by the mismanagement of this current inept administration.

Several personal situations also provide ample proof that Romney has deeply felt concerns for the poor. He ministered to their needs in his church as a unpaid pastor for a 10-year period. And all his life he contributed tithing and fast offerings for the benefit of the poor. His 2010 tax records indicate that he voluntarily gave 14 percent to charity, totaling $3 million.

I am confident that as the American people get to know the real Romney, as opposed to the media image, they will come to appreciate how kind and considerate, along with being qualified, he really is.

Beverly Bonner