Letters: VA raises unreasonable hurdles



More than 50 years ago, as a legal immigrant with three days in this country, I jaywalked in downtown Portland. A police officer stopped me, asked for my ID, gave me the riot act and threatened to deport my German “Nazi” rear end. After my apology, he let me go.

Not long after, being the right age, the U.S. military drafted me, put me in uniform and sent me overseas. Never once in my military days was I called a “Nazi.”

Since my honorable discharge, I never made claim against the Veterans Administration, never collected a dime.

Now at 76 years of age, I appreciate the senior discounts, especially the military discount afforded by some stores. But they need proof and won’t acknowledge my “dog tag.” It needs to be a VA photo ID card.

The VA, however, denied me such a card, claiming I have to be in their medical system. But I don’t want any kind of benefits, only an ID card. Refusing to issue me an ID is like saying the state of Washington won’t give me a driver’s license unless I own a car.

The VA’s attitude and logic are very disturbing to me.

Guenther A. Greupner