Letter: Laird doesn’t understand Hounds



As a nominal member of the Hounds of Whinerville — Orchards lodge — I’m completely mystified by John Laird’s Feb. 12 column, “Trust the Hounds to keep howling about mail voting.” I have no idea what he’s referring to regarding our supposed aversion to mail-in voting.

True, I’m not an officer in the HoW, so maybe there’s some secret stuff going on in those smoke-filled rooms that I haven’t heard of, but believe me, mail-in voting has not been discussed in any of our meetings.

Do we discuss Columbia River Crossing shenanigans? You betcha!

Do we discuss the misinformation coming out of C-Tran headquarters? You betcha!

Do we discuss the Vancouver City Council? You betcha!

Do we discuss The Columbian editorial staff? Yeah, you betcha!

Maybe it was just a slow week, or Laird just decided to invent something to blame on us. Laird, come to a few meetings. We’ll give you enough stuff to write a whole passel of columns.

Craig Sayre