Letter: Wrath is hard to accept as science



In Frank Rademacher’s Feb. 12 letter, “Heed global warnings from God,” we are told that his god is responsible for all natural disasters that have happened on Earth. He lists chapters and verses from a Bronze Age collection of stories that claims this angry spirit causes these catastrophic events to punish men for behaving badly. This book is partly a tribal history book and partly a storybook.

These stories were passed on by word of mouth for hundreds of years and then they were finally written down.

As we all know, man is not perfect and neither are his words or memories. The first chapters tell of harsh punishment for those who didn’t obey the rules that were written in stone and given to the tribal leader by an invisible guy who said he was a god.

There are many stories about how this tribe tried to appease this god by burning farm animals, stoning hookers, killing or torturing all enemies and explaining away all natural disasters as punishment from above. These primitives knew nothing of science.

For billions of years, long before man evolved, massive natural events have created this Earth. Who was this god mad at then?

Gary Hobbs