Fourth episode of “Vancouvria” debuts




The “Portlandia” spoof, “Vancouvria,” already put a flag on it, so our love for gas-guzzling SUVs was bound to come next.

A new episode of the YouTube show, which spoofs the sketch comedy show “Portlandia” on the Independent Film Channel, went live on Sunday.

The show features a driver traveling the streets of Vancouver — and frequently driving in the bike lane — all while listening to Katy Perry on the radio and eating McDonald’s.

“This is a bike lane to nowhere,” he shouts.

“SUV rights!,” he also yells.

The latest episode, of course, is a takeoff of the “Portlandia” episode in which star Fred Armisen is a zealous bicyclist wanting to ensure his “bicycle rights.”

If Portland has bikes, the ‘Couv has SUVs. This is the fourth episode. Other episodes included our affinity for flags (a spinoff of “Portlandia’s” “put a bird on it” sketch) as well as a sketch on how much we watch TV.

Created by Brighton West, a Portland filmmaker, “Vancouvria” debuted in December.

While in “Portlandia” Armisen and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein poke fun at the ultra-hip, ultra-PC Portlanders, West’s “Vancouvria” mocks life in the conservative suburbs.

Watch the latest episode here:

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