Letter: Excited about another travel option



Paul Knight, in his Feb. 15 letter, “Brighter future depends on transit,” makes strong points on excellent reasons for light rail in Clark County. I get tired of driving even though I do not drive far for school or as often as others. There are some people in my life who will never be able to drive due to vision issues. One is my brother, a freshman in high school. He is at the age where his friends are starting driver’s education. Meanwhile, he is looking at high-tech bicycles. My family is aware of the great bus system, but in addition, light rail would be fantastic.

I prefer light rail over buses and believe light rail is more efficient than buses, but both are fabulous alternatives to driving. Light rail would open up opportunities to those who are unable to drive. I am excited about this grand possibility of light rail coming to Clark County.

JoHannah Joy