Letter: Lessons of the 12th century



Jay Ambrose’s assault on reason and freedom in his Feb. 9 column, “Obama’s health care bill continues assault on faith,” is embarrassing.

Contrary to his conservative view of the world, we are getting much better. It appears that Ambrose would prefer that we go back to the Inquisition, the fight against “heretics” by several institutions within the justice system of the Roman Catholic Church.

It started in the 12th century with the emphasis on torture. Imprisonment already existed and punishment by burning death followed. The Catholic Church suppressed non-believers and many blossoming religious groups.

Today most people have very little knowledge of how life was in Europe under the threat of the terrifying Catholic Inquisition or assault on anyone who did not follow the Pope’s rule. Individual thought or religious practice was not allowed. It lasted for centuries.

Our democratic government and president is not asking or demanding that anyone use birth control. Each individual has the choice.

Government is currently only protecting the existing law, which states that everyone have access to birth control.

Does Ambrose understand the difference?

A study by Guttmacher Institute reports that 98 percent of Catholics use contraceptives. Perhaps the Pope and Catholic Church, itself, have lost their way, not the congregation.

And not our democratic government.

Joanne Fitzwilson