Abandoned vessel removed from Lewis River

By Eric Florip, Columbian Transportation & Environment Reporter



The Clark County Sheriff’s Office last week removed a sunken boat from the North Fork of the Lewis River, abandoned there since last fall.

The sheriff’s office took the matter into its own hands after authorities were unable to contact the owner of the 28-foot vessel, according to Sgt. Fred Neiman. To satisfy legal requirements, the sheriff’s office posted announcements detailing its intention to remove it from the river.

Friday, the sheriff’s office used a cable to pull the vessel to shore, then hoisted it out of the water and onto a truck. The boat was taken to a transfer station for destruction, according to Neiman.

The cost of removing derelict vessels is covered by a $4 surcharge added to boat registrations, according to Neiman. Local costs are also recoverable through the state Department of Natural Resources’ derelict vessel removal fund, he said.

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