Letter: End mandatory fluoridation



As Americans we share a common bond. That bond is freedom. Freedom unites us from around the world regardless of the color of our skin or the beliefs we hold in our hearts. People from all walks of life converge into our beloved country because here we all understand freedom. Or do we?

I’m writing this letter because I believe our freedom is being violated. Every time we take a drink of water we are being medicated without consent. That medication is fluoride and has been added to Vancouver’s water supply since 1961. Recently some startling information regarding water fluoridation and the dangers to health have come to my attention. Such knowledge and information is unsettling to say the least and I am compelled to alert others.

The Fluoride Action Network’s website, http://fluoridealert.org, is an excellent resource for somebody who would like to educate themselves about fluoride. I am confident that anyone who takes a look with a critical and open mind to the information held therein will stand up with me and put an end to the fluoridation of our otherwise pristine waters. If for no other reason, it violates our freedom. And as we all know, that is un-American.

Tony I. Riga