Letter: Impact harms structure of society



There are many times in life that are very important to say, “No.” When a child wants something destructive, the wise parent says, “No.” When informed voters understand that a bill is destructive to both themselves and their society, discerning people say, “No.”

So should all wise voters who understand the consequences of the recently passed legislation legalizing same-sex “marriage.” They will say, “No,” to this aberration and will work to overturn this legislation.

This experiment in political correctness will undoubtedly prove a disaster to our state and our nation: It will work to destroy the family unit as it has historically existed. Why? Because marriage is not primarily for the convenience of two people who love one another. Rather, it has meaning far beyond that. It has a purpose that must be acknowledged for society to thrive and grow. Marriage is the nurturing place for the next generation and must exhibit the best possible structure available in this sinful world.

Without a 24/7 model of a mother and father, a man and a woman, living and loving each other, the structure of this first form of government will produce deformed individuals, unable to understand and cope with the realities of life.

Pauline Warren