Letter: Take care not to restrict free will



Obamacare does not say members of Catholic hospitals or churches have to use birth control … they merely must offer it the same as any other organization or drug store.

Are the bishops banning their parishioners or employees of their hospitals from going to a store or anywhere that offers birth control? Most likely not. So why are they asking for a ban of a plan that is merely giving people a choice? If they don’t trust their own to make a good choices then that is their problem, not an inherent problem of Obamacare.

God gave us all free will. We all were given the ability to make choices by our creator. If the religious zealots in this country choose to deny their followers free will; then that same gift from God is being denied them by their religious leaders.

And, by the way, if those religious institutions continue to ignore the tradition of not mixing politics and religion in America, then they should most probably lose their tax-exempt status for making their religion a political issue and visa versa.

Tim Coe