Neighbor group’s finances get the OK



Countryside Woods — Here’s something you don’t often see in a newspaper: Somebody’s books were audited, and everything came up squeaky clean. That’s the news in the latest Countryside Woods Neighborhood Association newsletter. Tina Henry, group treasurer for the past eight years, stepped down in the summer, and Jason Erb was selected to replace her. Between the two tenures, the books were audited. “The board had absolutely no reason to think anything was amiss, but you don’t have to look too long in a newspaper to find a situation” in which some local nonprofit group has come up short, the newsletter said. “We wanted only to error on the side of caution for everyone involved.” Resident Joan McConnell, an enrolled agent with tax and bookkeeping expertise, conducted the audit and found nothing amiss. The neighborhood offers thanks to Henry for her years of work, and extends its welcome to Erb.