Letter: CRC dissension discounted



Tim Leavitt’s Feb. 19 letter, “Anti-CRC letter factually incorrect,” is an excellent example of the arrogance and propaganda that surrounds the Columbia River Crossing project. He makes it abundantly clear that, in his opinion, his version of any information is “factual,” that anything else is incorrect, and communicating it may serve as “an injustice to better informing our public.” His attitude and letter serve to belittle previous letter writer John Burke and intimidate The Columbian and others who may want to express their views.

While those connected with the CRC may be tired of hearing from people who don’t agree with their version of the project, it’s unfortunate that they seem to believe the answers to dissension are to degrade, berate, or ignore us. And while Leavitt may be technically correct when he says the components and funding for CRC have been discussed in “public conversations” for more than five years, he chooses to ignore the “fact” that public input that doesn’t support the project is seldom acknowledged or considered.

I agree with Burke’s “compromise” to ditch light rail. I ask Leavitt: How much will the federal government pitch in to help us just build a bridge? I’ll gladly pay a reasonable toll.

Russell Williams