Letter: Liberalism getting out of control



Ideological liberalism has been painted as a benign philosophy. In reality, it is a religion of radical left-wing politics. One of its founders, Jean Jacques Rousseau, an 18th century enlightenment philosopher, was “certifiably insane.” His belief in a utopian society called for the destruction of family, Christianity and community so those institutions could no longer influence children. Only then could the state educate all the children properly. It would then become a moral society with a “social contract state.” Any citizen who refused to accept it would be exiled or executed.

Are we, America, on the path toward a Rousseau society?

The ideological liberals of today, a coalition of academia, leftist lawyers and judges, a counter-culture youth movement, a large portion of the news/entertainment media and some elements of government are employing Rousseau’s doctrine. The “Great Society” of Lyndon Johnson devastated the family unit with an entitlement mentality that has robbed millions of their dignity and chained them to a life of government dependency.

Today, our government with intrusive demands is assaulting a Christian religion. America must shake off the elixir of “hope and change” or condemn our heirs to a life of government-controlled serfdom.

Terry Popravak Sr.