Letter: Pruning takes expert care



I am concerned about the way that Clark County maintains trees and shrubs along rural streets. I have written to the Public Works Department, complaining about the way they butcher the trees and shrubs. I live in the rural La Center area and maintain the front of my property very nicely until they come through and butcher the trees and shrubs in front of my house.

I am a landscaper and do landscape maintenance, so I know what I am doing. This frustrates me and now I have to clean up the mess that they created. I have to spend my time, which is valuable, pruning and cleaning up after them. In some cases, I’ll have to remove the plant.

The county asks people to prune their trees and shrubs properly so they’ll be healthy, and not a danger to people and vehicles. After the county goes around butchering plants, they’re unsightly, they’ll grow worse and possibly become diseased.

There must be more rural property owners unhappy about this. I’m not sure if they don’t do this type of thing in the cities and towns, but why do it in the outlying rural areas? Do they think that we don’t take care of and have pride in our own property?

Charles Van Amerongen