Letter: Women’s free choices are essential



Women need inexpensive access to contraception for many reasons.

Among the medical reasons for birth control are multiple deliveries by C-section, uterine infections, problems associated with miscarriages, severe menstrual pain, and endometriosis. For women, economic productivity is directly affected by the power to plan pregnancies. The abilities to contribute to home finances, to complete college degrees, and to advance in careers often depend on access to contraception. In many families, a working woman is essential to economic health.

Why, exactly, do some conservative religious leaders oppose birth control? We worry about religious organizations taking over Middle Eastern governments. Why should we let religious groups determine our policies here? We do not need or want an American Taliban.

In addition, letting health care insurance coverage be determined by the religious beliefs of employers is simply ridiculous. A law with this effect has been introduced by Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. Think of the religious groups that chose death for their children over a trip to the doctor. Do you want these kinds of beliefs, or anyone else’s moral convictions, to govern your family’s health care coverage? I think not.

Elizabeth Stehle Campbell