Letter: Deal with budget cut as public does



Once again, right there on the Feb. 23 front page, “Sales tax hike to aid public health?,” is a proposal to increase the sales tax. I’m not really surprised. Every elected official seems to think that residents of Clark County have bottomless pockets. Maybe they think we have found that elusive money tree. How much more can we afford to be taxed? What about our senior citizens who are on fixed incomes?

To all our elected officials, I say take a step back and make the state and local governments live within their means. The public has to. When we go to the grocery store or go to purchase a needed item, we do not have the luxury of our paycheck or retirement income increasing because we failed to live within our income bracket and are bailed out. Make our politicians do the same. If they cannot balance the budget and provide us with the needed services, vote them out of office and elect people who can. There must be some fiscally responsible people out there who can do this.

Tony Olson