Letter: Improve Woodland’s schools




Woodland’s high school is over 50 years old and was built for 250 students. Currently, with more than 600 students, some are taught in 10 portable classrooms. The former teachers’ lounge has been converted into a classroom. Classes are overcrowded and not conducive to a good learning environment. At lunchtime, many students sit on the floor in the hallway to eat, because there is not enough room in the cafeteria. Neither the gym nor auditorium can accommodate all the students at once.

Even under these conditions, Woodland High School has been recognized in the state as a top 5 percent high school for outstanding performance on state tests the past two years. Our teachers are doing a great job.

An April 17 bond measure will propose a new high school that would accommodate 850-900 students with room for growth up to 1,200 students. Woodland’s population is increasing. Let’s ensure that our students have the proper learning facilities to help prepare them for their future by passing this bond.

Bill Woodard