Letter: Direct concern to divorce demands



I admit that I do not fully understand the perceived need of same-sex couples to specifically use the word “marriage” to describe their union. However, I also do not agree with the awful prejudice used against them today. Pauline Warren’s Feb. 22 letter, “Impact harms structure of society,” says that the Legislature’s move toward acceptance of same-sex couples “will undoubtedly prove a disaster to our state and our nation.” So it is believed that acceptance of people with different values will cause us harm? I find that amazing and sad.

Warren’s letter does make an excellent point that children are much better off with parents who give them a “24/7 model of … living and loving each other.” This is true, but while there are little data showing that the parents of successful children must specifically be one man and one woman, there are mountains of records showing that a solid loving home is something few “traditional” marriages today can claim, and divorce laws foster an even larger lack of seriousness toward that commitment.

Want to help children? Change our laws regarding divorce first.

Roy G. Wilson