Letter: Will correct about Afghanistan



George Will, in his Feb. 12 column, “Republicans losing grip on national security,” gives an honest assessment of Mitt Romney’s comments on ending our wars and drawing down our military. Romney appears to be asking our military to carry on counter-insurgent warfare in Afghanistan, a nation wrecker for foreign armies throughout history, into another decade. Will’s taking the GOP to task for this gives me tremendous respect for a columnist who is a staunch conservative.

When this war started, a friend remarked that the Taliban would all pop out of their holes and resume the fight when we are gone. A casual observation suggests that this looks likely.

Will another decade of war make a difference in this outcome? President Obama’s cuts to the military should be welcomed as we draw down, and are appropriate in a time of deep fiscal tribulation. My thanks to the soldiers who served, their families who suffered, and to the men and women of this country unafraid to cross party lines to speak the truth.

Dale Buck