Letter: Change cookie recipes



Although I used to relish them, I stopped buying Girl Scout cookies when I became more aware of their unhealthy ingredients. Perhaps if more people asked for a better product, the girls could sell their cookies and eat them, too without so many health risks.

The biggest problem ingredients are trans fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils) and highly processed corn sugars.

The dangers are well documented. The National Academy of Sciences has shown that processed trans fat is indigestible and has stated that there is no safe level for its consumption. But sale of food additives is big business, and corporate lobbyists handily block any attempts at regulation. Trans fats and corn sugars are durable and inexpensive, and the general population thinks they taste just great.

I’m encouraging Girl Scouts to stop contributing to the problem and become a vocal advocate for a better choice. Stop using trans fats and corn sugars. A quick look at your nutritional labels online shows that some of the newer recipes are healthier. Make a statement and teach scouts to understand why their organization is changing its ways.

Next time a girl scout asks you to buy cookies, consider what you are supporting.

I gently explain that I’ll buy the cookies again when the recipes get healthier.

Jerri Clark