Letter: Slocum Theatre has a long history



I don’t know the particulars of the problem between the city of Vancouver and the Slocum House Theatre beyond what I’ve read in The Columbian, but it seems to boil down to the city saying it needs more money from the theater company or it will have to lease the building to a company or companies that can pay more.

The Slocum House Theatre is one of the few active ties Vancouver has to its past. It’s been there, in the big house at the southwest corner of the park with Vancouver residents telling stories to other Vancouver residents, for more than 40 years, just as Esther Short intended when she gave the land to the city of Vancouver.

I know times are tough and extras must be trimmed, but what is extra? Can’t we keep something of our historic culture even if it doesn’t turn a profit? Can’t we keep and pay for something just because it’s good for the community? Even in tough times, is everything for sale?

OK, so we need more money down at Slocum House. But can we start from the position that the house remains home for the theater company and work from there?

Christopher Cleveland