Letter: Postal Service deserves praise



I would like to rebut Jennifer Smith’s Dec. 28 letter, “Poor service has led to decline.”

With many friends and family throughout the United States, I have used the U.S. Postal Service for more years and money than I care to calculate.

Usually when an item ends up getting lost or delivered damaged, it is the fault of the sender using inferior packaging or incorrect or undecipherable addressing. This has happened to me infrequently.

Usually the postal service goes out of its way to research a questionable address and it is delivered only a day or so later.

The postal service employees, on the whole, are dedicated, cooperative and friendly.

It is true that newer means of communication are now available, however, I know that I would be utterly lost without the U.S. Postal Service. It has brought smiles over many miles, as well as important documents, money and the mail.

They endlessly trek through mud, snow, leaves, extreme temperatures, etc., to get my mail to me.

Whatever they need to do to stay in business, such as reducing home delivery to four or five days a week, is all right with me.

Thanks for years of service above and beyond.

Marne Griffith