Letter: Salmon Creek traffic signals flawed



We live in the northern part of Salmon Creek with a Ridgefield mailing address.

Our route of travel, in our car, is south on Northeast 20th Avenue to the infamous 134th Street traffic signal. My new year’s wish is for the person (or persons) responsible for deciding on the settings of that traffic signal — especially for those of us traveling south and/or wanting to turn left to get on I-205 — be assigned to travel through the signals for at least one whole week.

See how they feel about waiting and waiting in hopes of eventually being able to legally go with a green light.

If we hug the bumper of the car in front of us maybe (that’s just maybe) we can make it through on the one light. I’ve waited through three lights on occasion.

Did the person deciding on the frequency for our signal think no one north of 134th street ever comes that way?

Not only are there many homes, apartments and condos north of 134th Street, there are also several busy businesses, clinics and shops, etc.

The east and west signals and the signals for the cars coming north seem to be set at a fairly reasonable sequence.

Why are we being picked on?

Patricia McKee Bauer