Letter: Obama’s plan is unconstitutional



Regarding Larry McCagg’s Dec. 30 letter, “Criticism of Obama lacks facts,” which was in response to Rick Jackson’s Dec. 26 letter, “Obamacare must be repealed,” McCagg should read two documents.

First, he should read the Constitution, and then read the health care bill. He asks for proof of Jackson’s criticism of the bill.

McCagg first asks for proof that the health care bill is unconstitutional. He need only read Article 1, section 8. This section defines 17 actions Congress may approve, and national health care is not one.

Even if one considers that the general welfare clause includes health care, section 8 states that any bill must be uniform throughout the United States. President Obama has already exempted several states.

Second, the health care bill states over 100 ways that the Secretary of Health and Human Services can require that doctors, hospitals and insurance companies “shall comply with the following.” If this isn’t federal control of health care, I don’t know what would be.

McCagg also asked if Jackson could prove that the health care bill limits liberty in any way. It requires that everyone buy health insurance, even if they choose not to, as many young people do. Is this not restricting liberty to choose how one spends their money?

Ernest Badolato