Letter: Protect our federal care programs




Dwayne Oakley, in a Dec. 29 letter, “Herrera Beutler’s record is flawed,” has stated my own position very nicely. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, can paint her vote to dismantle Medicare whatever color she chooses, but it will not change the fact that she, along with every other Republican in Congress, has made it her stated position that Medicare and Social Security are going broke and women’s health care in general takes a back seat to Republican ideology.

As well, she has added her voice and her votes to give more tax breaks to the wealthy, and voted to curb and/or dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, which protects our air and our water.

She says that the only way to “fix” Medicare is to dismantle it, while most of us think a tax increase would do the trick. The same with Social Security.

All citizens who find themselves in Herrera Beutler’s congressional district should take a good look at her voting record, because her words mean nothing.

Remember that as you take note of your parents and grandparents. How would they get along without Social Security or Medicare? How will you get along without it? If you leave it up to the Republicans and Herrera Beutler, you will soon find out.

Vivian E. van Dijk

Brush Prairie