Lose the game, win a title? Maybe for LSU



NEW ORLEANS (AP) — LSU and Alabama will play for the BCS national championship, but many voters who cast ballots in the AP Top 25 are not committed to voting the winner of the game No. 1 in the final rankings.

Monday’s game at the Superdome will be the first BCS championship to feature a rematch of a regular-season meeting. The Tigers beat the Crimson Tide 9-6 in overtime on the road, and a few voters say LSU already has done enough to earn their No. 1 vote.

The AP asked voters who cast ballots for its Top 25 a few questions before the BCS games, including: Would you consider voting LSU No. 1 if it lost?

Forty-four of the 60 voters responded, and for many, LSU-Alabama II isn’t necessarily winner take all.