Letter: Bond measure critical for schools



As a teacher and a parent in the Ridgefield School District, I strongly support the school bond issue and see it as a critical step in maintaining excellence in Ridgefield schools.

Current student attendance is 30 percent over facility capacity, and our community is growing. Adjustments have been made to accommodate current enrolment, but we are running out of options. Our schools are over-crowded and outdated, which limits opportunities. Passing the bond measure will increase classroom space by building 24 classrooms and improve facilities at each school in the district. Every student will benefit.

Ridgefield School District’s current tax rate is the lowest tax rate in the county and will remain the lowest even after passing the bond measure. Even if you don’t have students in school right now, it is in the community’s best interest to support the bond issue. Research shows that strong, supported schools increase property values.

Please join me on Feb. 14 in voting “yes” for the school bond measure.

Morning Stalcup