Letter: Even those insured are not covered



The Jan. 2 story “Long road back from nearly fatal flu hits barriers” about college student Brittany Miller’s experience with health insurance shows what is wrong with the health care system in this country.

To not be able to get the prosthetic device she needs to be able to walk again without crutches because her insurance company won’t pay for the bionic limb is outrageous.

This young lady is 20 years old with the hope of a full life ahead of her. What good is it to develop medical treatments and devices if the people who need them have no way to pay for them?

How would you like to be told that you can’t walk again because your insurance company won’t pay for the device you need?

A health insurance system that doesn’t pay for the treatment needed to recover fully, or as close as possible, from any illness or accident a person might suffer is simply inadequate. If private insurance companies can’t afford to cover the full cost of rehabilitation, we either need to go to a one-payer public insurance system that can or back up private insurance with a government program that will cover the expenses that private insurance won’t cover.

Philip S. Parker