Dalglish insists club committed to racism fight



LONDON (AP) — Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish says it is “utterly rubbish” to suggest that defending Luis Suarez during a racism case means the club is not interested in fighting racism.

The Uruguayan forward is serving an eight-game suspension for repeatedly racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra during a match.

Liverpool, owned by the parent company of the Boston Red Sox, was condemned by anti-racism groups after players and Dalglish wore T-shirts featuring Suarez’s picture in a show of solidarity.

Dalglish said Monday that “the players showed support for Luis which was fantastic, but then some people interpreted that wrongly as the players saying they’re not interested in the fight against racism.”

Dalglish insists “that is totally and utterly rubbish … we don’t want racism anywhere near football.”