Letter: Bond funding builds strong schools



Ridgefield School District voters must reverse history and approve the upcoming school bond measure. The last successful facility improvement bond passed more than 20 years ago. Currently, every school has an enrollment significantly beyond the capacity for which it was built. That is despite the fact that approximately 350 students within the district are attending school elsewhere and numerous new family homes are temporarily vacant following the housing market crash. It is an understatement to say this is a critical time for our school district.

The current school bond addresses the immediate needs of the district by adding classrooms that provide curriculum and lab flexibility at every school. The cost of the bond is roughly half of the previous 2008 bond proposal. Even with the passage of this bond measure, Ridgefield School District taxpayers will still be paying less than taxpayers in any other school district in the county.

A strong school district benefits everyone. There is an abundance of proof that a successful school district increases property values and draws business. Please join me in voting “yes” for the Ridgefield bond, for strong schools and a strong Ridgefield.

Greg Price