Letter: Denial and approval inconsistent



I agree with Marlin Dunlap’s Jan. 3 letter, “Hoops and red tape never cease.” Dunlap, a disabled veteran, is absolutely correct about Veterans Affairs and its regional offices. They often do not substantiate veterans’ claims and often fail to refer veterans to legal counsel in denying claims.

For 21 years, I have been fighting for the correction of my military records based on the medical character of my separation from active duty in 1984. The Board of Veterans Appeals remanded my claim to a regional office stating I have a well-grounded claim. South Carolina allowed vocational rehabilitation for me, and the Massachusetts regional office disallowed it. To date, the VA in Oregon provided an ear hearing examination but no benefits. Oregon’s VA medical center will not provide outpatient care for me.

As a former U.S. armed forces member, I still pursue benefits now through the incarcerated veterans program while I’m in the Clark County Jail.

Nathaniel A. Hodges