Letter: Rise in twins quickens resource drain



A Jan. 5 story reported “Number of U.S. women having twins soars,” that one in every 30 babies born in the U.S. was a twin. Overpopulation — the salient cause of misery upon this Earth — is busily constructing a future of unimaginable decay, destruction, genocide, and ultimately the extinction of the human species. Where exponentially growing need meets finite resources only violence and death can triumph; it is in our nature — in the nature of all living things. I am, therefore, confident to pronounce that this is not the optimum time for an exploding birth rate of twins. Indeed, anyone having multiple children contributes to the acceleration of an inevitably approaching, horrifying future whose terror will outshine the worst of our bloody history, and hurry destiny: the end of our existence.

Michael E. White

Brush Prairie