Letter: Same-sex marriage not God’s design



I’d like to explain why I do not support Gov. Chris Gregoire’s recent endorsement of gay marriage. At the risk of sounding trite, it is absolutely true in my 57 years of life that gay men and lesbian women are among the brightest, wittiest, smartest, wealthiest, compassionate and decent people out there. Undisputed truth. And while my own marriage was not the best choice (watch the childhood sweetheart thing, kids — trust me, leave it in high school), I fully applaud people daring enough to make such a commitment.

My real concern is that I have tremendous respect and even a downright healthy fear of the Great Designer up there who pretty clearly outlaws these types of same-sex situations. So, let me get this straight (no pun intended): We now live in a state that brazenly supports abortion and assisted suicide, is on the cusp of legalizing pot and now gay marriage. Rather cheeky given that we sit on the mother of all subduction zones. Call me a coward but I am in awe of the detail of this universe and would like to make it to whatever heaven happens to be. Going toe-to-toe with the Almighty is hilariously misguided.

Barbara A. Peterson