Letter: Morality cannot support gay unions



Gov. Chris Gregoire thinks Washington is “ready” for same-sex marriage. She is deluded. Homosexuality is abhorrent and unnatural. Even without considering the Bible, homosexuality simply revolts decency.

Gay people cannot necessarily be blamed alone, because there are all sorts of causes. Blame must be distributed to the actual sources, which could be childhood abuse, malicious recruiters, weak fathers with domineering mothers, or even perhaps, genetic propensity. All gays need tender compassion. Many have been restored to normalcy with the help of a good and gracious God who will judge precisely.

Divorced people and singles must restrain from sexual forces and gays can do the same. Great societies like the Romans and Greeks prospered until decadence overtook them. Then God decided to call it “curtains” for them. The U.S. is following that road, and the governor leads.

Homosexuals assiduously support hate-crime legislation, but just question their lifestyle and, in my experience, hatred spews from their mouths, especially against those who want to help them the most. Tolerance is granted for every radical group except traditional moralists.

Gorman Gray