Talking Points: Cheering for Tebow



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Tim Tebow.

There. At least you know what the subject is. And everyone who read those opening two words will either finish this entire Talking Point, or quit before even getting to this sentence.

We are familiar with polarizing athletes — Kobe Bryant and LeBron James to name a couple.

But those two split people with their personalities more so than their very existence.

Tebow has never done anything wrong. He’s never tooted his own horn. He gives credits to his teammates and has yet to say “I told you so,” despite myriad opportunities.

And yet, people vehemently rooted against him Sunday even his opponent’s quarterback had been tied to sexual assault cases.

There have been Mark Fydriches, Hideo Nomos and Fernando Valenzuelas, but the sports world has yet to see a phenomenon like Tim Tebow that doesn’t hinge on sheer dominance (e.g. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, etc).

And we might never see it reach heights like we did Sunday.

Why not root for it to keep going?


Don’t look now (nobody else is), but LeBron James might be on the brink of a season for the ages.

Perhaps he’s just having a strong couple of weeks, or maybe he’s truly inspired by last year’s Finals disappointment, but despite leading the league in scoring (30.1 points a game), he is also third in field goal percentage at .601. That is unheard of for a wing.

Of course, much of that efficiency can be attributed to one particular choice.

Throughout his career, James has averaged 4.1 3-point attempts a game. But through nine games, he has attempted just two this season.

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