Letter: Our children need community support



As I read the Jan. 3 Columbian online story “Legacy launches clinic for child abuse victims,” I was stunned by the number of children who are suffering from abuse, but relieved to know we have committed community members supporting the most vulnerable among us. Hats off to Dr. Kim Copeland, Legacy Health and donors for providing such an essential program to our Washington state communities.

As a Salmon Creek Hospital Foundation board member, I know the expansion of the Child Abuse Assessment Program was made possible through the generosity of donors. The good news is the team can now offer physical abuse and neglect evaluations to patients regardless of their ability to pay; the bad news is these evaluations remain completely unfunded by state or federal agencies.

The revolving door of abuse, along with the increase in cases around our region, is a major concern for those who are fighting to make a difference. I believe we have an obligation to ensure our children are always safe, secure and protected. As the Salmon Creek Hospital Foundation continues to raise philanthropic funds for this project, my hope is we come together as a community to create a future for our children by supporting this critical program.

Brad Carlson