Letter: Another tragedy for anti-gun rally



Regarding the Jan. 8 story “Sorrow over gun violence unlikely to prompt change in federal law,” again a deranged person shooting innocent people gives the anti-gun people a chance to infringe on the constitutional rights of Americans. Statistics are available that show many more crimes are prevented by armed people than are committed by criminals. This story fails to mention those statistics. Please remember the saying that “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away!”

It also fails to mention that in locations where concealed carry permits for qualified citizens are approved, crime is reduced. The story also relies on the use of language that implies that guns are dangerous without human misuse. By saying the FBI reports that people are “killed by guns” is a misuse of terms used by anti-gun people to scare kids and gullible people. If I hit someone with a shovel, did the shovel do anything? Duh!

Comparing foreign countries to American gun violence is invalid since they have no Second Amendment rights and live in socialist dictatorships or other tyrannical forms of government that have disarmed their people.

Guns gave us liberty.

Gary S. Smith